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The Abominable Stringband

an exploration of acoustic music in two acts

Acoustic Nomads Vol 1 Poster.png

Acoustic Nomads was conceived as a collective...

Aspiring to be more than the sum of its individual members. This vision found full realization during the recording of "The Abominable Stringband Vol. 1 & 2."

For an intense week, we shared a living space at the "Great North Sound Society" studio in Parsonsfield, Maine. There, we passionately recorded 18 new songs, all crafted or arranged by our musicians for the band.

"The Abominable Stringband Volume 1" emerged as the first result from this session in 2021, followed by "Volume 2" in the Fall of 2022. We take great pride in the performance, composition, and musical unity achieved in this record, and we sincerely hope you derive as much joy from listening as we did from creating it!

- Acoustic Nomads

Pictures from the recording of "The Abominable Stringband" Albums - taken by Louise Bichan

Ethan Setiawan Recording @ GNSS Studios 2021
Parker Ousley in studio @ GNSS 2021
Maurizio Fiore Salas @ GNSS 2021
Sofia Chiarandini in studio @ GNSS 2021
João Perrusi in studio @ GNSS 2021
Ethan, G Rockwell, and Noah @ Arts at the Armory 2022, Joni Lohr PC
Acoustic Nomads Rehearse @ GNSS

PC Joni Lohr

Album Credits


Violin - Sofia Chiarandini
Mandolin - Ethan Setiawan
Guitar & Venezuelan Cuatro - Maurizio Fiore Salas
Guitar - João Perrusi
Cello - Parker Ousley
Bass - Noah Harrington

Banjo & Guitar - G Rockwell (Vol. 2, Track 7)

Engineered by Ethan Setiawan

Mixed & Mastered by Nathaniel "Tano" Brock

Graphic Design & Album Art by Kelly Chiarandini

Album Back by Noah Harrington

Photography by Louise Bichan

Recorded May 20th-26th 2021, at Great North Sound Society, Parsonsfield, ME

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Acoustic Nomads expresses gratitude to The Iguana Fund of Club Passim for the grant that served as the seed money for these albums. Without your support, this art would not have been possible.

Special thanks extend to our friends, families, loved ones, and communities for supporting us through challenging years, and to our musicians for their courage, openness, and trust. Music relies on patience and vulnerability, and you exceeded our expectations.

Lastly, heartfelt appreciation goes to you, dear listener, for embracing new music. Small acts of courage and generosity, like yours, pave the way for all 7 billion of us on Earth to gradually step into a new world of our choosing.

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