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Acoustic Nomads

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Quartet: Visual Album

The Turtle Problem // Acoustic Nomads // Quartet (Visual Album)

Ondafortunada // Acoustic Nomads // Quartet (Visual Album)

Otilio - Jota de los Dos Corazones // Quartet (Visual Album)

Landó 2 // Acoustic Nomads // Quartet (Visual Album)


In February of 2023, in the midst of their spring touring, Acoustic Nomads joined audiovisual engineer Micah Nicole at Follen Church.  

"Quartet" is a selection of material from the band's touring repertoire at the time, including the previously never released "Landó 2." 

The remarkable acoustics within Follen Church's sanctuary, Micah Nicol's expert engineering and camera work, and the outstanding musical chemistry among Acoustic Nomads' members converge to create a highly enjoyable listening experience and an exceptional viewing spectacle. 

We hope you enjoy "Quartet" as much as we did while recording it!  This music is for you.

Album Credits

Violin - Sofia Chiarandini
Mandolin - Ethan Setiawan

Guitar & Venezuelan Cuatro - Maurizio Fiore Salas
Bass - Noah Harrington

Engineered, Mixed & Mastered by Micah Nicol
Album Art by Noah Harrington & Maurizio Fiore Salas

Photography by Louise Bichan

Recorded 2.18.2023 at Follen Church in Lexington, MA

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